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  • Sections 23 – 27, Traffic Law, 2011

Holding a full licence will allow an individual to operate a motor vehicle without any set restrictions, but within the ambit of the relevant laws for that category of vehicle.

There are several different groups which will state what category of vehicle an individual is authorized to operate. These range from motorcycles, cars & trucks, buses and heavy equipment. Different categories also exist for the different capacities of a motorcycle engines and the carrying capacity of a passenger bus.

Please remember that it is an offence to operate a vehicle on a road if you are not licenced or authorized by the law, i.e. if your full drivers’ licence depicts a 2 under the heading ‘Groups’, you should not be driving a motor cycle. Do you know that all categories, groups etc., are printed on the back of your driver’s licence?

There are certain criteria that have to be met to hold various groups; apart from your age and passing the exam, you should not be suffering from any disability that can greatly impede your driving ability or the ability to maintain control of a vehicle at all times.

Last Updated: 2012-09-18