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  • Sections 23 – 42, Traffic Law, 2011

Licence to operate Heavy Equipment/Special Vehicle

Are you thinking of operating some form of heavy equipment? Whether a dump truck, backhoe, bulldozer, forklift or any other  type of special vehicle defined in the law, you are required to hold a group 4 drivers’ licence.

In the Traffic Law, 2011 the term ‘Special Vehicle’ is defined as a vehicle not constructed or adapted for road use, and includes a track-laying or wheeled vehicle having motive power and designed to be used with or without accessories for construction, road maintenance, engineering or agricultural work, and also includes a forklift, front-loader and golf cart.

While not intended for road use, a special vehicle can be driven on the road provided that no material damage is caused to the road and the vehicle travels no more than a half of a mile in distance; permission must first be obtained from the Commissioner of Police to do so. Alternatively, special vehicles can be shipped via a trailer to their intended location.

If you are a holder of a current full driver’s licence, the addition of a group 4 is fairly straight forward. Visit any one of our convenient locations and fill out the required form, (form 14).

Once this form is completed, please present to any of our Licensing Officers who will be more than happy to assist you in finalizing this process.

A Licensing Officer will assist you by:

  1. Adding the additional group onto your current licence record (as a learner)
  2. Direct you to a Customer Service Officer (who will issue you a learner driving licence for a group 4); and,
  3. Schedule an appointment with one of our Driving Examiners (Required)

Your learner drivers’ licence will be valid for six months; within this period you must schedule an appointment with a Driving Examiner to sit the practical portion of the exam before renewing your provisional licence.  Remember, ‘L’ plates must be displayed on the front and rear of your vehicle, when being operated.

Associated with the addition of this, or any group, is a nominal fee of CI$60.00 along with an additional CI$50.00 for the appointment with a Driving Examiner.

Will you be using a vehicle belonging to a family member or friend during the examination? If so, you will be required to show proof of your eligibility to drive the vehicle. This must be in the form of a ‘cover note’ or a Certificate of Insurance from the insurance company stating that you are covered under the owner’s policy.

After completing the examination, the Driving Examiner will inform you as to whether or not you were successful.
Success in passing will now afford you the privilege of having a full group 4 licence. A Certificate of Competence will be issued to you by the Driving Examiner which you will present to a Licensing Officer, who will in-turn collect CI$50.00 from you to cover the cost of having a new drivers licence card issued, which will state that your are licenced to operate all vehicles under a group 4 category.

Please note that a group 3 licence includes group 2, trucks not exceeding 33,000 lbs and omnibuses not exceeding a seating capacity of forty persons in addition to the driver; towing a trailer not exceeding 10,000 lbs except Groups 1 and 1A.

A group 4 includes all vehicles except Group 1 and 1A.

If unsuccessful, you are required to reschedule an appointment with a Driving Examiner.

Last Updated: 2012-09-18