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Scheduling a Written Test Appointment

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To schedule an appointment for the written portion of the drivers' exam, visit any of our locations and request that you be given a date and time; please note that appointments are offered on a first come, first served basis.

A Licensing Officer will inform you of the times available to you, and will book a time that best fits your schedule.

An examination fee of CI$25.00 will be charged at the time of you booking the appointment. (Remember to bring along a valid photo I.D for proof of age and identity, e.g. a passport).

If necessary, you may cancel your appointment, however, you will only be refunded if your appointment is cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.

Your knowledge of the relevant Traffic Laws & Traffic Regulations will determine whether you are successful in passing the written exam. Familiarize yourself with all the traffic signs depicted in the official Road Code booklet.

Persons preparing for this exam should review the following documents:

  1. Official Road Code Booklet: This should be used to review traffic signs and the general duties of a driver.
  2. Traffic Law, 2011
    • Part 2 – all definitions;
    • Part 3 – registration and licensing of vehicles (sections 6 -21)
    • Part 3 – licensing of drivers of vehicles (sections 23- 43)
    • Part 6 – construction and use of vehicles and equipment (sections 57 - 66)
    • Part 7 – control of road users (sections 67 – 105, with special attention being to section 93 regarding ticket offences)
    • Part 8 – control of traffic (sections 107 - 120)
  3. Traffic Regulations, 2012.
  4. The Traffic Seat Belts Regulations, 2012
  5. The Traffic Control Regulations, 2012

This material is available for purchase from the Legislative Department. An additional $0.20 is required for each page of amendment inserts provided.

The Official Road Code Booklet is now available at The Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing. The cost is $10.00.

For more information about the new drivers' licensing written examination, call the department at 945-8344.

Last Updated: 2012-09-19

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