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FOI Contact

Information Manager
Jason Azan
Deputy Information Manager
Elmie Cacho
Address: (Location)
990 Crewe Road,
Grand Cayman,
Cayman Islands
Mailing Address
990 Crewe Road,
Box 1165, Grand Cayman,
Cayman Islands
Telephone: (345) 945-8344
Fax: (345) 945-8345

As a public authority, the Department of Vehicle & Drivers' Licensing is committed to openness, transparency and serving the public interest in compliance with the Freedom of Information Law, 2007.

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Law was passed on 19th October 2007 and comes into effect in January 2009. It gives the public a right of access to all types of records held by public authorities, but also sets out some exemptions from that right.

Publication Schemes

Each public authority covered by the Freedom of Information Law has a legal duty to adopt and maintain a publication scheme in accordance with s. 5 of the FOI Law. The main purpose of a publication scheme is to make information readily available without the need for specific written requests. Schemes are intended to encourage organisations to publish proactively, and develop a greater culture of openness.

The Law states that Information to be published by public authorities includes:-

Please check our document library and disclosure log to see if the information you would like is not already available.

Last Updated: 2010-03-23

This website forms the Department of Vehicle and Driverís Licencing e-publication scheme, developed in compliance with Section 5 of the FOI Law