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The process for registering a vehicle in a company's name is somewhat different from registering in the name of a private individual. Certain requirements must be met in order to accomplish this type of transaction.

Should a company intend to register a vehicle in its name, it will be required to provide a Certificate of Incorporation (newly formed company) or a Certificate of Good Standing (no more than 90 days old). Either document must be an original and display the Registrar of Companies' seal.

A company must submit (in writing, and on a letterhead) a list of individuals who are authorized to act on its behalf. Data should be as detailed as possible, outlining whether these persons can carry out certain or all transactions, on its behalf. A specimen signature must be included, together with photo identification. This document should be signed/witnessed by a Notary Public or Justice of the Peace.

In the event that a vehicle is being transferred / terminated, a Certificate of Good Standing must be provided before this transaction can be carried out (provided that the current copy on file is older than 90 days).

Upon registration or renewal of registration of a vehicle, proof of insurance must be provided (Certificate of Insurance or a Cover Note). The insured name should be the same as the name in which the vehicle is registered.

Note that an individual who holds a Trade & Business License cannot register their vehicles under the T&B License, but must instead register in the individual's name.

Last Updated: 2012-09-19