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  • Section 5, Traffic Law, 2011

Registration Plate Categories

Did you know that there is a distinctive style of registration plate for each vehicle category? Whether it is a change of color, size or number sequence, each category can be identified by the registration plate displayed.

Motocycle Plate Motocycle Plate
Motocycle Rental Plate Motocycle Rental Plate
Temporary Plate Temporary Plate
Rental Plate Rental Plate
Invalid Carriages Plate Invalid Carriages Plate
Special Vechicles Plate Special Vehicles Plate
Motor Cars Plate Motor Cars Plate
Trucks, Trailers & Locomotives Plate Trucks, Trailers & Locomotives Plate
Personalized Plate Personalized Plate


Vehicles that are intended for personal and not commercial use are assigned one of the above, depending on of the vehicle’s category.

Vehicles intended for public transportation are assigned one of the following:

Tour Plate Tour Plate
Omnibus Plate Omnibus Plate
Watersports Plate Watersports Plate
Taxi Plate Taxi Plate


Commercial entities such as motor vehicle dealers, agent’s repairers or traders are able to obtain trade registration plates. These are meant to be used only when a vehicle is being driven by a potential buyer, or is on its way to be repaired or test driven. [Note: relevant insurance is required along with a valid Trade & Business Licence in keeping with the Traffic Law, 2011]

Trade Plate Trade Plate


Last Updated: 2012-09-19