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Did you know that there is a distinctive style of registration plate for each vehicle category? Whether it is a change of color, size or number sequence, each category can be identified by the registration plate displayed.

Personalized plates are a unique and popular way for you to express your individuality.

Personalized registration plates are becoming evermore popular, and with good reason. Whether it is a catchy phrase or your name, we can order it for you. What will yours say?

Complete the required Personalised Plates Application and visit any of our locations where one of our Licensing Officers will be glad to assist you in completing the process.

Costing only CI$400.00 per set, you too will be able to express your individuality. Which background will you choose?

Personalized Plate Personalized Plate

Last Updated: 2012-09-19

Personalised Plates Application
Personalised Plates