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Under the current COVID-19 operating environment we are only able to offer limited services to the motoring public until further notice. Current services being offered:

Inspection of vehicles: 9am to 2pm (Crewe Road location)

  • Online renewals of Vehicles/Drivers’ License: Visit
  • In order to renew your vehicle online, you must have AT LEAST THREE MONTHS remaining on your current inspection certificate.
  • To renew your driver’s license online, please call 945-8344/244-5513 (8:30 to 2:00pm) to obtain your ESID number.
  • Transfer of vehicles: Documentation must be dropped off at our Crewe Road office, using the drop box located by the STAFF ENTRANCE.

Use Section C of the Vehicle Logbook to complete transfer.

Signature of current owner must be witnessed by a Notary Public or Justice of The Peace. Notary or JP MUST state that they are witnessing the signature of the current owner, and stamp/affix their seal.

The name of the NEW OWNER must be inserted on the “New Owner” line, along with their Date of Birth.

Insurance policy for the vehicle (in NEW OWNERS NAME)

Copy of NEW OWNERS Driver’s License.

All documents should be placed in a SEALED ENVELOPE. The NAME and CELLPHONE number of NEW OWNER must be written on the envelope.

  • Place envelope in DROPBOX located at staff entrance at our CREWE ROAD office (double doors facing main road).
  • A DVDL Representative will contact you to process the payment/transfer.
  • NO CASH is to be placed in the envelope.
  • ***THINGS TO REMEMBER*** A vehicle cannot be transferred if there is a bank lien (Lien Removal will cost CI$25.00) (Transfer of vehicle will cost CI$25.00)

Need a form? Visit At the moment, all driving examination services have been temporarily suspended.

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Press Releases

Vehicle Licensing Guidelines - COVID-19
The Director of Drivers’ and Vehicle Licensing authorises issuance of Temporary Certificate of Extension. 13th May 2020, 1:03pm
The Department of Vehicle and Driver’s Licensing is closed to the public until further notice.  31st March 2020, 3:55pm
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