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Personalised Registration Plates

Did you know that there is a distinctive style of registration plate for each vehicle category? Whether it is a change of color, size or number sequence, each category can be identified by the registration plate displayed.

Personalized registration plates are becoming ever more popular, and with good reason. Whether it is a catchy phrase or your name, we can produce it for you. What will yours say?

Complete the required Personalised Plates Application and contact the Customer Support Center or visit any of our locations where one of our Customer Support Center Clerks or Licensing Officers will be glad to assist you in completing the process.

Costing only CI$400.00 per set, you too will be able to express your individuality. Which background will you choose?

Car - Personalized
Motorcycle – Personalized

Personalized plates are a unique and popular way for you to express your individuality. They can be issued for private and/or company vehicles only, but does not include large commercial vehicles and trucks exceeding 20,000lbs maximum gross weight, public transport vehicles, invalid carriages, and rental vehicles.

The requirements for application:

  • An application for personalised licence plates must be accompanied by the prescribed fee.
  • Personalized plates may contain a maximum of seven characters. A space counts as a character. Dashes or any other type of symbols are not available.
  • Alphanumeric characters can be used (A combination of letters and number(s), amounting to a maximum of seven (7) characters.
  1. Every attempt will be made to accommodate an applicant’s request. DVDL, however, reserves the right to deny or refuse any application.
  2. Nothing shall bear the resemblance to Her Majesty’s Government or the Cayman Islands Government.
  3. Applicants should take note of the following guidelines before submitting requests for personalized plates:
  1. Personalized plates must not have any indecent, sexual or obscene connotations.
  2. Personalized plates must not be morally, ethically, racially, or be in any other manner offensive to good taste.
  3. Personalised plates shall not have the identical or similar characters as any other personalised plate previously issued by DVDL.

DVDL reserves the right to refuse any application for personalized registration plates if it deems necessary or based on any of the criteria outlined above.