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Disabled Permit / Registration Plates

People with disabilities continue to function in society and maintain their independence in many ways.

Many of which are self-reliant when it comes to transportation; others rely on family.

As a driver with a disability, you can apply for disabled registration plates for your vehicle. If you are relied upon by someone who happens to have a disability, you may apply for either disability registration plates for your vehicle or for a Disability Tag.

What is the difference?

Disability Registration Plates are registered to a particular vehicle which is driven by or regularly used to transport an individual with a disability.  An owner is allowed to register only one vehicle in this manner and is exempt from annual licensing fees but is still subject to registration plate fee and inspection fees.

A Disability Tag is linked to an individual with a disability and can be affixed to any vehicle when he or she is driving or being transported. A Temporary Disabled Tag is issued for twelve (12) month or less and a Permanently Disabled Tag is issued for up to five (5) years. The cost of a Temporary or Permanently Disabled Tag is CI$5.00. There is no limitation on the number of tags that an individual can obtain.

If you suffer from any form of disability, and require disability registration plates or a disability tag, please fill out an Application for Disabled Person Tag and/or Disabled Person Registration Plate (Form). Applicants will also be required to have a disability assessment done by a licensed Physician in the Cayman Islands.