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Suspension of Vehicles

Chances are, most vehicle owners will never find it necessary to temporarily suspend their vehicle registration.

However, if they do, there is a straight forward process that will assist them in achieving this.

Here are a few “need to know” facts that will assist in making this process a simple one.

  1. Complete the required form Application for Suspension/Termination of Vehicle Licence, and present to any one of our Licensing Officers at any DVDL location.
  2. Have your Certificate of Vehicle Licence and Roadworthiness (log book),
  3. Valid identification, i.e. your driver’s licence.
  4. Vehicles may be suspended for a period of ten years.
  5. Vehicles that have a bank lien registered against them can only be suspended by first obtaining written permission from the lending institution.*
  6. In order to complete the suspension, you will be required to keep your registration plates for “safe keeping,” however, you will be required to turn in your Certificate of Registration (log book). There is no application fee to suspend a vehicle.
  7. You may also be entitled to a refund! Owners of vehicles initially registered for periods of 12, 24, 36 or 60 months may apply for this by completing the Application for Licence Fee Refund (Grand Cayman). Your refund will be determined by pro-rating the original payment for registration over the period for which your vehicle is registered. You will be refunded for every remaining clear quarter.

Remember, once the suspension process is completed, this vehicle may not be operated on any road, unless being driven to an inspection facility, for the purpose of being once again inspected and licenced and should have valid insurance.

* Important! Letters of consent from financial institutions should state the name of the registered owner of the vehicle, as well as the make, model registration number and VIN number. Letters of consent should be signed by an authorized signatory of the financial institution. If lien holder is a private individual, their signature should be witnessed by a Notary Public or Justice of the Peace.

Change of Vehicle’s Appearance or Ownership

The Department of Vehicle & Drivers’ Licensing should be notified within 14 days in case of any modifications in the appearance and ownership of the vehicle.

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