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Provisional Drivers Licence

Provisional Licence

A learner licence allows an individual to operate a motor vehicle on the public roads under the direct supervision of someone who has held a full Cayman Islands driver’s licence for at least two years for that class of vehicle.

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Remember, “L” plates must be displayed on the front and rear of a vehicle, when it is being operated by a person who holds a learner’s licence (L Plate Diagram).

The “L” plates should be a red “L” on a white background within the dimensions specified in the Traffic Regulations (2017 Revision).

Key points to remember:

  • Individuals who are 17 years and older will be required to make an appointment to sit the written portion of the driver’s exam. This can be done by contacting the Call Center (345) 945-8344 or email DvdlExamBookings@gov.ky. They may also visit any of our locations and paying an examination fee of CI$25.00. (Remember to bring along a valid I.D. for proof of age, e.g. a passport)(Written Exam Form)
  • The written portion of the driver’s exam is done on a touchscreen and comprises of 40 multiple choice questions relating to the Traffic Act and the Road Code of the Cayman Islands. A score of 80% or higher is considered a pass and you will be allotted 40 minutes in which to complete the testing. (Touch Screen Leaflet)
  • On successfully passing the written exam you will have your photo taken and a learner’s licence will be issued to you. First, proof of your exam pass (An official Pass Receipt) must be presented to a Licensing Officer who will collect CI$60.00 to issue the learner’s licence.
  • Remember, your learner’s licence is valid for six months, with the option to renew for a further six months. Sometime within this twelve-month period you should schedule an appointment with a Driving Examiner to sit the final portion of the exam. To do this, visit us at the nearest location, schedule an appointment and pay the examination fee of CI$50.00 for the road exam.
  • It is important to be punctual for your appointment with the Driving Examiner. Arriving late may lead to your appointment being delayed or cancelled. The actual driving exam may take between 30-60 minutes, depending on traffic conditions, weather etc...
  • Do you intend to use a vehicle belonging to a relative or friend? If so, you will be required to show proof of your eligibility to drive the vehicle, whether in the form of a cover note/certificate or policy from the insurance company; stating that you are covered under the vehicle owner’s policy.
  • After your driving test and upon returning to our office, the Driving Examiner will inform you as to whether you were successful, or otherwise. Success will earn you the privilege of holding a full drivers’ licence for that category of vehicle. A Certificate of Competence will be issued to you by the Driving Examiner of which you will present to a Licensing Officer. Remember, the Certificate of Competence is not a driver’s licence and is valid for only four (4) days.
  • The exact fee that will be charged for your full driver’s licence will be determined on a prorated base, i.e., the period of time that has passed since your last birthday and/or the duration period you would like your driver’s licence to be valid for (3,5 or 10 years). A full driver’s licence’ for 3 years will cost CI$75.00, 5 years CI$125.00 and for 10 years CI$200.00, for a group’s 0, 1, 2 or 3.
  • Should you fail the written or driving portion of the exam, you will be required to resit the examination.

Licence Renewal Requirements for Senior Citizens

For Senior Citizens, a medical certificate should be submitted to determine whether a renewal should be granted.

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