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Exchange Foreign Licence

Recently relocated to the Cayman Islands?As a signatory (through the United Kingdom) of the Geneva Convention (1949) and local parliament, the Cayman Islands is a part of a worldwide body that make up the Contracting States. As a signatory, citizens of these countries, who hold valid driver’s licences, are able to procure a Cayman Islands driver’s licence.

This is a fairly straightforward transaction; providing that you bring in your current and valid drivers’ licence from a Geneva Contracting State, proof of your residential status on the Islands i.e., your passport bearing the appropriate stamp from the Customs and Border Control. To successfully carry out what is known as a ‘Geneva Transfer’ (exchange of a foreign driver’s licence for a Cayman Islands driver’s licence) new residents MUST visit any of our locations within the first six months of being on the islands.

It is important to note that when a person becomes a resident they may drive on their domestic licence in the Islands for a period not exceeding six months. After the six months, they will have to sit and pass both the written and road exams. If the written exam is done within the six months of residency, they need only take and pass the written exam provided they hold a valid driver’s licence from a Geneva Contracting State for the class of vehicle to be driven.

A drivers’ licence can be issued for three, five or ten years. A transfer fee of CI$50.00 will be charged.

It is important to note that individuals who are currently enlisted in a Learner Driver’s or Graduated Driver’s Licence Program in his/her home country will not be entitled to a Cayman Islands driver’s licence and will therefore be required to apply for a learner's licence by scheduling an appointment to sit the drivers exam; both written and practical.

Replace your Driver’s Licence

You need to fill a simple form depending on whether your lost /stolen drivers’ license has expired.

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Any person who becomes a legal resident of the Cayman Islands, and subsequently obtain a driver’s licence from their home country or any other contracting state cannot have it transferred to a Cayman Islands driving licence. A “resident” is defined under section 2 of the Traffic Act, (2021 Revision) as a person who has lived in the Islands for six months or more. Whereas under Section 2 of the Traffic Act (2021 Revision) a “visitor” is a person who -

  • has been granted permission to stay in the Islands for a period of six months, or
  • does not reside in the Islands but has permission to stay for a period of more than six months.

The Traffic Act further defines a “new resident as a person who has been granted permission to stay in the Islands for a period exceeding six months and is still in the person’s initial six month period of residence.

Returning residents – If you have held a full Cayman Driver’s licence that has expired within ten (10) years and since the beginning period of five(5) years after its expiry held a driver’s licence from a Geneva Convention Contracting country, you are allowed to renew your Cayman driver’s licence.