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Customer Feedback

DVDL Complaints Procedure

At the Department of Vehicle & Driver’s Licensing (DVDL), we endeavor to satisfy the needs of our customers and provide timely and consistent services across all our locations. However, we do recognize that there may be times when our service falls below expectations and you may wish to make a complaint.

What do we mean by a complaint?

We define a complaint as: 

  • An expression of dissatisfaction received from a customer, whether in writing or verbally, regarding any particular aspect of a service in which their needs or expectations were not met.
How can you make a complaint?

We encourage you to use our internal complaints system so that we may rectify the issue. You may make a complaint using any of the following options:

Channel to Make a ComplaintContact Details
1.  In Person at a DVDL Office- 990 Crewe Road, George Town
- 9 Reverend Blackman Road, West Bay
- 2035 Bodden Town Road
2. Telephone(345) 945-8344 OPT #1 (Customer Support)
3.  EmailDVDLFeedBack@gov.ky
4.  MailAttn: Deputy Director
Department of Vehicle & Driver’s Licensing
P.O. Box 1165 KY1-1102

In order for us to investigate and address the issue as efficiently as possible, we request that you provide the following information at the time of making the complaint:

  • Details of the service, employee or incident that you are complaining about.
  • The date, time and location where an incident may have taken place.
  • Your name and contact details so that we can respond to your complaint.
How do we handle complaints?

In the first instance, your complaint will be handled by the employee that receives the complaint, who will either resolve the issue themselves or escalate it to management in cases where:

  1. The employee is unable to resolve the issue
  2. The customer is still dissatisfied after the employee’s attempt to resolve the issue We will acknowledge your complaint and make every effort to resolve your complaint as soon as we receive it.

You can expect to receive a written response within 24 hours of our receiving your complaint. This could be our final response to your complaint or a progress report of how we are investigating your concerns. Where we have provided you with a progress report, we will continue to provide you with further reports, until your complaint has been dealt with.

Putting Things Right

We will own our mistakes and take the necessary remedial action with a view to satisfactorily resolving your complaint as well as preventing future reoccurrence.

What if you are not satisfied with the outcome?

Following your complaint, if you are not satisfied with the response you received or how your complaint was addressed, you may contact the Office of the Ombudsman for the Cayman Islands via email: info@ombudsman.ky or call (345)946-6283.