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Permission to Tint Vehicle

Our process governing the issue of approved tint letters are as follows:

  • The owner / driver of a vehicle appears at the inspection area for inspection of the vehicle to meet the certificate of roadworthiness.
  • If during the inspection of the vehicle there is dark tint applied to the windows, the vehicle inspector will test the degree of light transmission through the glass by using an approved tint meter.
  • If the tint is less (darker) than that required under regulations 23(3) of  The Traffic Regulations, (2021 Revision), the owner / driver is immediately notified to remove the tint before a certificate of road worthiness is granted. The inspection will fail.

Until this dark tint is removed from the vehicle, it will not pass inspection.

  • If the owner / driver informs the vehicle inspector that the tint is applied for medical reasons, the person MUST produce a letter from a registered medical practitioner (Medical Doctor) in the Cayman Islands stating the medical condition and the degree of tint to be applied to the windows of the vehicle. Until such a letter is produced, there will be no further inspection of the vehicle.
  • Once the letter is produced, the vehicle inspector re-examines the vehicle in terms of the degree of tint that is to be applied using the approved tint meter.
  • The owner / driver is then required to pay CI $75.00 for the approved tint letter. Once payment is made, the owner / driver is presented with an official CI Government receipt certifying that payment has been made.
  • If the vehicle passes inspection with the approved tint, the vehicle inspector issues the certificate of road worthiness.
  • DVDL Licensing Staff presents that receipt with the Doctor’s letter attached to the Supervisor of Vehicle Inspections (Mr. Roy Bush) or the Manager of Licensing for the tint letter of approval. A copy of the approved tint letter is handed / delivered to the Traffic Section of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.
  • The owner / driver is required to have this tint letter of approval with them at all times when operating the vehicle on the road together with their Doctor’s approval letter which has to be renewed on an annual basis.