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Certificate of Vehicle Licence & Roadworthiness

A Certificate of Vehicle Licence and Roadworthiness, or a log book as it is commonly referred to, is a crucial document.

Not only does it state the registered owner of a particular vehicle, it also records the unique identification characteristics of the vehicle.

Referring to this document will allow you to determine when your vehicle is due for its next inspection, the expiration of the vehicle licence, the category your vehicle is licensed, the colour, whether there is a bank lien registered against a vehicle and much more.

Renewing the licence of your vehicle? If so, you can use the Certificate of Vehicle Licence and Roadworthiness. On page one, below the licence and registration details, you will find the section ‘Renewal Application’. Complete as indicated.

Are you changing your vehicle’s colour or engine size? Refer to section C (notification of changes to register).

Transferring your vehicle? Refer to section C of your Certificate of Vehicle Licence and Roadworthiness; provided in this section is an area specifically for this. Here, the current owner of the vehicle can place their signature, along with the signature of the new owner. See Transfer of Ownership/Title for more information.

Need to replace a Certificate of Vehicle Licence and Roadworthiness that has been destroyed or lost? Simply visit any of our offices to request a duplicate. Replacing this essential document will incur a fee of CI$30.00.

Fundamentals of Export and Termination of the Vehicle

For export or termination of the vehicle, a stringent process must be followed. First of which is the termination of the vehicle’s registration.

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