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Drivers Licence Fees

Do you know that the expiration date of your drivers’ licence will coincide from the date of issue or expire on your birthday?

The cost of obtaining a Cayman Islands driver’s licence through a Geneva Transfer can vary significantly, depending on the duration of the licence and the group requested.CI$50.00 + number of years you wish to obtain
Renewal: Group 0,1, 1A, 2, & 3 for three yearsCI$75.00
Renewal: Group 0,1, 1A, 2, & 3 for five yearsCI$125.00
Renewal: Group 0,1, 1A, 2, & 3 for ten yearsCI$250.00
Renewal: Group 4 for three yearsCI$120.00
Renewal: Group 4 for five yearsCI$200.00
Renewal: Group 4 for ten yearsCI$400.00
Upgrade: Group 0, 1, 1A, 2, 3CI$40.00
Upgrade: Group 4CI$50.00
Obtaining a learner's licenceCI$60.00
Duplicate licenceCI$40.00
Obtaining Full Licence for the first time depending on group 0, 1, 1A, 2, & 3 no more than 3 yearsCI$75.00
Obtaining Full Licence for the first time group 4 no more than 3 yearsCI$120.00

Licence Renewal Requirements for Senior Citizens

For Senior Citizens, a medical certificate should be submitted to determine whether a renewal should be granted.

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