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Code of Conduct

The Official Register of Approved Driving Instructors (ORADI)

1. Objective and Goals

  • To maintain the Register of Approved Driving Instructors in accordance with Part 9 of the Traffic Act, (2021 Revision).
  • It is our intention to improve the working relationship and skills of driving instructors.
  • In doing so, we will greatly enhance the driving standards of the motoring public, and to reduce the number of accidents within the teenage category.


2. Responsibilities

  • Engender and foster a professional approach to all customers.
  • Have a responsible attitude to students and the driving training profession.
  • Have a high standard of driving and instructional ability.
  • Be a fit person to give professional instruction.

3. Conduct of an ADI

  • Maintain proper hygiene and dress.
  • Not use any threatening, abusive or improper language to customers.
  • Avoid any improper suggestions to customers.
  • Provide value for money.
  • No soliciting of DVDL’s staff for money or money’s worth.
  • No soliciting of Security Guards, or persons in the employment of DVDL for money or money’s worth or solicitation with the use of any ADI vehicle on DVDL’s premises.
  • Avoid any unwarranted physical contact with customers, except in an emergency.
  • All customers must be treated courteously, and with a high degree of respect, thereby not discriminating against any-one.  However, maintaining the right not to give instructions if so choses.
  • Not to disclose personal information of customers, unless with customer’s consent and knowledge.
  • Avoid use of cell phones or other electronic devices that could potentially distract customers during lessons.

4. Your Business

  • Maintain proper records of all tuition carried out with customers
  • No parking of ADI vehicles overnight onto DVDL’s property, either directly or indirectly, expressly or implicitly, save with prior express permission of the Director. ADI vehicles are permitted to park only during DVDL’s hours of operations, Monday to Saturdays between the hours of 8:30am to 5:00pm.
  • DVDL’s compound is Crown property with the Crown being accorded all rights as property owner, as such, any parking in violation of this Code of Conduct and the law constitutes trespass and will be reported to the lawful
  • enforcement authorities, criminal or otherwise, and may also be the subject of civil proceedings for damages for trespass to property/land.
  • Provide customer with your business address and telephone number, or of those employed with the organization.

Provide customers with copies of the following:

  • Road Competence for Students and Instructors
  • Confirmation and Declaration of Student Driver Instructors – PART 1
  • Record Sheet of Student Qualified Driving Instruction – PART 2
  • All driving instructions must be carried out in accordance with the Traffic Act and associated Regulations, as well as the Road Code.
  • Must maintain a professional service to customers.
  • Develop and maintain a Complaints Handling Procedure.
  • Provide pricing and duration of tuition to customers
  • Provide pricing and condition for use of vehicle for practical (road) test.
  • Advise customers when they are appropriately trained for the practical (road) test and or theory test.  Students are responsible for booking their driving test; unless the instructor chose to do so on the students’ behalf.  No cancellation of test without customer’s knowledge and consent.
  • Perform duties with the requisite knowledge, skill and attitude.
  • Be subject to “Check Test” by DVDL

5. The Registration Certificate – section 123 “TA”

  • The Registration document issued pursuant to section 123 of the Act at the discretion of the Director, does not without more, confer on any driving instructor the right to park his/her business vehicle overnight or to solicit business on government property/the DVDL ( the “actions”). Any such actions may amount to a violation of the Crown’s right to property and may subject trespassers to civil legal actions for damages for tort of trespass to property/land. Furthermore, such unlawful actions by a driving instructor may amount to Criminal Trespass and the perpetrators be subject to criminal proceedings and possible sanctions (fine and imprisonment) under section 277(1) of the Penal Code (2019 Revision).

6. The Test Vehicle

  • Must  be in good mechanical order and road worthy
  • Be insured and licensed (valid certificate of insurance or cover note and certificate of registration (log book).
  • Must be clean and tidy.
  • Registration plates and vehicle coupon to be displayed and visible.
  • “L” plates to be displayed (front and rear).
  • Must display Certificate of ADI Registration and ADI badge.

7. Advertisement of Business

  • Must be honest and not misleading to the public.
  • Student pass rate should be verifiable against records kept.