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Replacing Your Driver’s Licence

Replacing Your Driver’s Licence

Replacing a drivers’ licence that has been lost, stolen or destroyed is fairly straightforward and requires little time.

In the event that your driver’s licence is lost or stolen, it is necessary that you visit the Royal Cayman Islands Police RCIPS and inform them of the situation as soon as possible. In so doing, a police report will be officially logged. Once this is done, you can request a copy of the report; along with paying the required fee of CI$25.00.

With your receipt in hand, visit one of our offices nearest you to have your drivers’ licence replaced.

The replacement cost of your driver’s licence card will be CI$40.00. This fee will be collected by one of our Licensing Officers, who will also have you complete a simple form (T.R. 14 Form) 

Remember, a false declaration is punishable by a fine of CI$2,000.00 or imprisonment for 12 months or both.

Replacing a damaged card? If so, simply return the plastic to a Licensing Officer and pay the above mentioned fee. Once this is done, you will be issued a duplicate. If the card that you have is defective, please return it to the Customer Service Desk and the Clerk will be happy to replace it at no cost.

Did you recently move addresses or change your P.O. Box or changed your name (married certificate or Deed Poll)? If so, now would be a good time to let us know!