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 Any information regarding requests for proposals to do with the licence plate recognition and analysis system and the details on who the job was awarded to

1.   RFP dated 20 June 2014-Ref. Invitation to Tender Electronic Vehicle Registration System CTC/13-14/PLAHI.

2.   Addenda 1, 2 & 3

3.   Tender Advertisement 20 June 2014

There were two (2) bidders, namely, Tonnjes Sistemat, PA and Island Electronics (Security & Monitoring) Ltd, Cayman Islands. On 27th June 2014 the Security Centre Limited had an interest, however they did not submitted a bid by the closing date of 1st August 2014 (Revised) and was not considered.

The successful bidder was Tonnjes Sistemat, PA. both parties Bidding were notified of the results.

It should also be noted that the tender documents can be reviewed on the Central Tenders Committee website using the reference CTC/13-14/PLAHI.



Please see the attached Press Release of 18 January 2017 sent to media houses, which stated, inter alia, "Officials note that the new plates have NO transmitters or any other tracking capabilities, as they are NOT fitted with GPS technology. Instead, they may simply be scanned by authorities, with only insurance and other vehicle particulars available to system users." To possibly be changed in the future? Could they potentially have tracking capabilities in the future? It appears to us, based on the photograph, that the plates are fitted with a chip, so could they be used for those purposes later on, pending funding. The plates/coupons are fitted with an RFID "chip." It does not have, nor cannot be upgraded with/to GPS technology.

Sistemat, S.A. Tonnjes C.A.R.D. Int. GmbH. What is the contract term? Five (5) years. How much was paid for these? They form part of the RFP of 20th June 2014 and the Contract of 14th January 2016.

They are made of aluminum alloy. Can they be manufactured in Cayman? How are they "embossed locally"? Again, please refer to the RFP of 20th June 2014 and the Contract of 14th January 2016.

See link to CTC website www.centraltenders.ky Ref. "INVITATION TO TENDER Electronic Vehicle Registration System CTC/13-14/PLAHI/024." What was the impetus for the programme? Whose idea was it? It was a PLAHI/DVDL decision in response to Government's Policy of improving efficiency, customer service and enforcement of the act.

A collaborative agreement between DVDL, Ministry of PLAHI and the Police, and is ongoing.

DVDL manages the system data and the Police have read only access to the Register (Vehicle and Drivers) - as per section 5 (4) of the Traffic Act,(2021 Revision).What information can they obtain now that can't be obtained via 911 tracing the plate number of the vehicle? There are no changes to the present (DVDL / RCIPS) system on the exchange of data in terms of prosecuting offenders for expired vehicle licence or unregistered vehicles. That is, the police makes a request to DVDL through a Police Extract for the information, then DVDL issues a Certificate confirming the validity of the vehicle licence. This is supplied to the police within three days of the initial request. Again, this is the statutory provisions of section 5 (4) of the Traffic Act,(2021 Revision). These provisions have been in place since 1962 under the old Traffic Act.

Can you explain the technology? There is a Non-Disclosure Agreement in the Contract as to the company's intellectual property rights; however, suffice to say, the licence plate holder is installed onto the vehicle and the plate is inserted into the holder and locked into place. Similarly, once the coupon is "stuck" to the windshield, any attempt to remove the plate/coupon renders the unit(s) useless and new ones will be required.

Under section 21 (a) of the Freedom of Information Act, (2021 Revision) this exempts records relating to commercial interests.

Under section 21 (a) of the Freedom of Information Act, (2021 Revhttps://www.gov.ky/portal/page/portal/pfehome/publications/2016-17-Budget-Documents/2016-17-Plan-Estimatesision) this exempts records relating to commercial interests.

Based on the 2016/17 Government budget DVDL wishes to share the following:

Ans. Please see page 307 of the Public Document, Equity Investments of the 2016/17 Plan and Estimates, at the link below:


The figures contained in the link above are the total "Equity Investment" for the Ministry of PLAHI and therefore we provide the budgeted amount below that represents the costs of the Electronic Vehicle System over the next 5 years.



  • Budget Ending
  • 31 Dec 2016
  • 2016/17 Budget Ending
  • 31 Dec 2017


  • Budget Forecast
  • Electronic Vehicle System (EVR)
  • 1,174,548
  • 350,000

The Contract period is for 5 years and is in effect from the 14th of january, 2016 until the 14th of january, 2021. 

The contract was extended for (15) months as of 14th January 2021.