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Importation of Heavy Equipment Form May 2021 Revision

A non - refundable Fee of CI $100.00 is required to process this application.

Bank Lien Notification Form

Regulation 25, Traffic Regulations, (2021 Revision)

FORM T.R.11 Application Motor Trade Plates

Note: The plates issued under this section remain at all times the property of the Department of Vehicle & Driver

FORM 10 New License Plate

The Traffic Act, (2021 Revision)

Form 9 Custom Plate Application Revision 2021

These type of plates are only allowed on private cars, light trucks and motorcycles.

FORM T R 6 TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP Revision 2021-05062023

Both parties must attend the Department of Vehicle and Drivers' Licensing (DVDL) and the new owner must have a valid Certificate of Insurance. Where a vehicle has 'changed hands' without a proper transfer, the new owner should produce proof of purchase (e.g. spent cheques/receipts) to the Cashier for evaluation.