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Change of Vehicle Particulars

Did you recently alter the appearance of your vehicle or change ownership?

Whether you intend to sell your vehicle, paint it a different color or have it modified in any way (i.e. engine size or horsepower), the Department of Vehicle & Drivers’ Licensing should be notified within 14 days. The vehicle must first be inspected by the department to verify the change to color or engine capacity.

Please fill out a “Change of Particulars” (Form T.R. 5 & 6) form and present it to a Licensing Officer at any of our locations throughout the Islands.

A fee of CI$25.00 is charged to register these changes.

Upon completion, you will receive, together with your receipt, a new Certificate of Vehicle Ownership Registration. Please ensure that this certificate is attached to your log book.

By following this simple procedure, you will avoid unnecessary delays in the future, when having your vehicle inspected or when transferring to another owner.

Request a Vehicle Extract

Avail a vehicle extract as a part of documentation which will be presented to the Customs Department in the Cayman Islands and at the Port of Entry of the final destination.

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