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  • Section 28,†Traffic Law, 2011

A visitorís permit is essentially that and no more. It is intended for a person who is visiting the Islands for a relatively short period of time and who plan to drive a rental vehicle. A visitor is defined in the Law as a person who has been granted permission to stay in the Islands for a period not exceeding six months.

To obtain a visitors permit to drive a privately-owned vehicle, simply visit any one of our locations, and a Licensing Officer will be happy to assist you. A nominal fee of CI$16.00 is charged for this service.

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In order to expedite this service to you, please take with you your passport and the immigration card you received at your port of entry. Also take your current driversí licence from your home country.

When renting a vehicle, your visitorís permit can be obtained from the car rental agency with which you are dealing.

Last Updated: 2017-08-07