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  • Sections 28 & 29, Traffic Law, 2011

Recently relocated to the Cayman Islands?

As a signatory (through the United Kingdom) of the Geneva Convention (1949) and local legislation, the Cayman Islands is a part of a worldwide body that make up the Contracting States. As a signatory, citizens of these countries, who hold valid driverís licences, are able to procure a Cayman Islands drivers licence.

This is a fairly straightforward transaction, providing that you bring in your current and valid driversí licence, proof of your residential status on the Islands i.e., your passport bearing the appropriate stamp from the Department of Immigration.

It is important to note that when a person becomes a resident they may drive on their domestic licence in the Islands for a period not exceeding three months. After which, the new resident may drive only after passing both the prescribed written and road test.

To successfully carry out what is known as a ĎGeneva Transferí (exchange of a foreign driverís license for a Cayman Islands driverís license) new residents MUST visit any of our locations within the first three months of being on the islands. This process of exchange will only require that the applicant successfully pass the written exam.

A driversí licence can be issued for three years or five years. A transfer fee of CI$50.00 will be charged.

It is important to note that individuals who are currently enlisted in a Learner Drivers or Graduated Drivers Licence Program in his/her home country will not be entitled to a Cayman Islands driversí licence and will therefore be required to apply for a learner's licence by scheduling an appointment to sit the drivers exam; both written and practical.

Any person who becomes a legal resident of the Cayman Islands, and subsequently obtain a drivers licence from their home country or any other contracting state cannot have it transferred to a Cayman Islands driving licence. A resident is defined in the Law as a person who has lived in the Islands for six months or more.

Last Updated: 2012-09-18