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  • Section 60, Traffic Law, 2011

Inspection Facilities (Private Garage Program)

Launched in January 2008, the Private Garage Program allows motorists the option of having vehicles inspected by a certified facility and is intended to offer greater flexibility and convenience. The DVDL only authorizes facilities that have passed stringent requirements as set out by the Ministry of District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture.

Currently thirteen facilities on Grand Cayman are certified to carry out inspections on behalf of the DVDL.

  • G.T. Automotive
  • Prestige Motors
  • Andy's Auto
  • Tony's Toys
  • Car City Service
  • Vampt Motors
  • Automotive Art
  • Euro Car
  • Superior Auto
  • Arch Automotive
  • DVES (Government Vehicles only)
  • C&S Tyres
  • Seven Day Inspection

Each has received training from the department’s vehicle examiners team.

Inspections at these facilities do not require additional paper work nor are you required to pay for their inspections. But remember to take your Certificate of Vehicle Licence and Roadworthiness (log book) and your vehicle insurance, whether a cover note or policy.

Upon completion of the inspection, you will receive a Certificate of Road Worthiness (pass) or a Certificate of Defects (fail), to be attached to the Certificate of Vehicle Licence and Roadworthiness (log book). Then visit one of our locations or go online to finalize the licensing of your vehicle.

See Vehicle Inspection for more information on the inspection process

Last Updated: 2012-09-19