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  • Sections 8, 9, 16 & 17, Traffic Law, 2011

Request new Plates

Registration plates are very important and are required by law to be displayed on all vehicles operating in any capacity throughout the Cayman Islands.

Should the registration plates on your vehicle be replaced? Take a look at them; is it difficult to make out the numbers/letters? Has your vehicle been in an accident, distorting one or both plates? If so, surrender them at any of our locations.

Replacing registration plates will also require that your coupon and log book be surrendered as well. Why? Your coupon also displays the registration number/letters.

To assist in avoiding unnecessary delays in this process, please follow these suggestions.

  • Bring your Certificate of Vehicle Licence and Roadworthiness (log book). Your insurance policy may be needed.
  • Attend in person; only the registered owner of the vehicle can request registration plate’s replacement.
  • Complete the Application for a New Registration Plate before you get to the counter.
  • Be sure to bring along valid identification, i.e. your drivers licence.

Replacing your registration plates will cost CI$75.00 plus an additional CI$10.00 for a new coupon, $30.00 for a new log book.

Upon completion of this process, you will be issued new registration plates, a new coupon and a new Certificate of Vehicle Licence and Roadworthiness (log book).

Have your vehicle’s registration plates lost or stolen? If so, before visiting us, file a report with the Royal Cayman Islands Police. Once you have done so, you will be issued a copy of your report, bring it along when applying for new registration plates.

Since they are produced overseas, replacing personalized or quincentennial registration plates will take longer, three to four months. Until their arrival, you will be issued temporary registration plates. Replacing your personalized or quincentennial plates will cost CI$30.00.


Last Updated: 2012-09-19