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  • Section 10, Traffic Law, 2011

Vehicle Export/Termination

Whether it is the exporting of a vehicle to another country or disposing of that vehicle in the local landfill, there is a stringent process that must be concluded before doing so in either case.

Either of which will first require the termination of the vehicle’s registration. This process, although straight forward, will require some of your time at the Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing and the Cayman Islands Department of Customs, or the Department of Environmental Health, respectively.

When terminating a vehicle ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I the registered owner of the vehicle?
    If so, you can proceed with the termination of your vehicle. Simply fill out the necessary form (Application for Suspension/Termination of Vehicle Licence)
  2. Am I terminating the vehicle on someone’s behalf?
    In this case, authorization to proceed will be necessary from the registered owner. Simply have the registered owner complete the required form (Application for Suspension/Termination of Vehicle Licence.)

If exceptional circumstances prevent the registered owner from completing the form, written authorization from the registered owner will be accepted in the form of a sworn affidavit.

Important! Should the registered owner be unable to sign in front of a Licensing Officer, his/her signature should be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace or a Notary Public. Both, Notary Publics and Justice of the Peace will certify that the signature they witness is indeed that of the intended individual.

  1. Am I purchasing a vehicle, with the intention of exporting?
    If so, a transfer of ownership must first be carried out before the termination of the vehicle from the register.
  2. Is there a bank lien on the vehicle?
    If the purchase of your vehicle was financed by your bank or by another lending institution, a lien would have been registered with the DVDL. Unless otherwise instructed by your bank to remove, this lien would remain in force. To proceed with the termination/Transfer of the vehicle, your bank must first inform us that they no longer have an interest in the vehicle. Removing this lien from our system will incur an administrative fee of CI$25.00.

Successfully completing the termination of your vehicle requires the surrender of registration plates, log book and coupon to the DVDL.

Remember to bring the Certificate of Registration, if necessary, a duplicate can be purchased at any of our locations (CI$30.00).

A fee of $25.00 is charged for the termination of a vehicle; additional back-duty, if accrued, must first be paid before proceeding with the termination.

In the event that you are terminating a vehicle before the expiration date, displayed on the coupon, you may be entitled to a refund. For a vehicle that has been registered for a twelve-month period or more, a refund is issued for every remaining clear quarter.

Remember, once this process has been completed, your vehicle cannot be operated on any road.

Last Updated: 2012-09-19