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Application for Importation of Heavy Equipment

  • A NON- REFUNDABLE Fee of CI $100.00 is required to process this application.
  • Attach CURRENT copy of Trade & Business License (TBL) or a copy of the Certificate of Good Standing (CGS) for registered companies. If TBL or CGS is expired, please attach copy of current renewal receipt.
  • Please note that ALL questions MUST BE answered for the application to be processed.
  • Please note that Approvals will be valid for 6 months ONLY.
Heavy Equipment as defined in the customs schedule:
  1. Self-propelled –
    • bulldozers
    • angle dozers, graders, levelers, scrapers and other earth movers; mechanical shovels, excavators and shovel loaders; tamping machines and road rollers; and backhoes.
  2. Extracting or boring machinery;
  3. Pile drivers and pile extractors
  4. Cranes
  5. Cement or concrete batching equipment or plant.
  6. Tractors.
    1. Vehicles not constructed or adapted for use on roads.
    2. Trucks, including –
      • trucks constructed or adapted for the maintenance of roads;
      • cement or concrete mixing or pumping trucks;
      • crane trucks
      • work trucks constructed or adapted for the carriage or haulage of ten or more tons of goods or burden or any description, or a trailer so constructed or adapted; and
      • mobile drilling derricks.
  1. In an effort to make the inspection process more efficient the Ministry is asking all importers of Heavy Equipment to ensure the following are in working order and in compliance with the Traffic Acts, and all its Regulations.
  2. Power Train
  3. Suspension
  4. Hydraulic Brakes
  5. Air Brakes
  6. Steering
  7. Instruments and Auxiliary Equipment
  8. Lamps
  9. Electrical System
  10. Body
  11. Tires and Wheels
  12. Couplers and Hitches (including 5th wheel – tractor head only)
* Denotes Required Inputs

Part B

Specifications and Information on Equipment to be Imported

Part C

Purpose of Heavy Equipment being Imported and intention of Equipment being replaced

I understand that my application will be refused if any false or misleading statements are provided in this application.