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Form 9 Custom Plates Application

These type of plates are only allowed on private cars, light trucks and motorcycles

* Denotes Required Inputs

Part A

OWNER INFORMATION (Responsible person if owned by a Company)

Cayman Address Details


Part B

  1. A maximum of 7 Alphanumeric characters can be used.
  2. The Director reserves the right to reject any application on grounds of vulgarity or duplication as it may prove to be misleading.
  3. Custom Plates may be transferred to another vehicle for a fee of CI$30.00 per transfer.
  4. Replacements for lost or damaged plates are done at $30.00 per plate.
  5. Plates typically will take two to four weeks to produce. We will notify you when they have been produce.
  6. Where a vehicle is being registered for the first time or re-registered following suspension, the Department will provide a set of temporary plates to be used in the interim. These must be returned when the custom plates are being collected or will result in a CI$75.00 surcharge.
  7. Fee CI$400

Part C

TRANSACTION Please, insert character exactly as you wish them to appear on your plate.

Plates for which category

(only provide by default regular white background)

N.B. The applicant must place initials next to background chosen. I would like the following background.

(Tick applicable boxes)
Applicant initials.
Applicant initials.
Applicant initials.
Applicant initials.
Applicant initials.
(Replacement Only)

If the vehicle is currently licensed (i.e. it already has registration plates) you must produce