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Suspension/termination of Vehicle Licence

FORM T.R. 7 TRAFFIC ACT (2021 Revision) - SECTIONS 10 & 15

* Denotes Required Inputs

NOTE: If transferring ownership, use your CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP REGISTRATION (if cannot be located/produced, you must apply to have this replaced, before transfer can be approved)

Part A1

Details of Owner (or, if owned by a Company, the person responsible)

Cayman Address Details


Part A2

Only complete if owned by a company

(Complete if different than at A1 - above)


Part B

Transactions (tick applicable box/es)

I hereby make application for the vehicle to be suspended/terminated and that the appropriate funds be refunded to me: Sections 10/15 Traffic Act.

Note: ** Refers to suspension. Refund applies to both suspension & termination of registration. Please specify date the vehicle will be re-licensed.

Vehicle Information

Part C


  1. Current CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION (Logbook)(this must be produced or a duplicate obtained for all transactions)
  2. Both Registration Plates Number

Part D

Declaration (All applicants must complete this part)

I hereby declare that all the above information is true and that I am the registered owner (or have the authority of the registered owner to carry out this/these transactions). I understand that I may be criminally liable if I have made a false or misleading statement.