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DVDL to Destroy Plates

Published 18th February 2008, 3:50 pm

As of 31st March, the Department of Vehicle and Drivers' Licensing (DVDL) will be compelled to remove hundreds of vehicles from the register and destroy their accompanying licence plates. This, explains DVDL Deputy Director Richard Simms, is because so many individuals had suspended their vehicle's registration years ago and have not returned to advise the department of their intentions for the vehicle. "Registration and plates cannot be suspended indefinitely," he says, "suspensions are temporary, being designed to last from three months up to the expiration date of the current licence coupon. If an owner has no plans to continue using a vehicle then they should terminate the registration." He added, however, that a suspension period may be extended at the owner's request. According to the Traffic Act (2003 Revision) an extension should be applied for at the DVDL one week before a current licence coupon expires. Persons who previously suspended their registration and plates but whose suspensions have expired are therefore encouraged to visit any DVDL location - on Elgin Avenue in George Town, on Walkers Road (above Wendy's) or in West Bay at Banks Plaza -- prior to 31 March to seek extensions. "If we have not heard from these owners by that date, we'll be forced to remove the vehicles from the registration list and destroy the plates," Mr Simms said. Turning to a related matter, he also explained that vehicles with expired licence coupons, which have been sitting idle for extended periods in owners' yards or elsewhere, continue to attract licensing fees as long as they remain on the register. "If vehicles are parked for more than three months the licences should either be suspended or terminated. Fees begin accumulating the day after motor vehicle licences expire. So if residents will not be using their vehicles for more than three months, the licences should be suspended," said Mr. Simms. He added that residents travelling overseas for more than three months may qualify for refunds on the unused portions of their licences. Persons should simply return the plates and licence coupons to any of the department's offices, and complete vehicle licence suspension forms. The department also has the right to remove from the register of licensed vehicles any that have not been licensed for three continuous years. Owners wishing to use such vehicles will be required to have them inspected and certified as fit for use, then complete the regular motor vehicle registration forms and submit along with the applicable fees. For more information on vehicle licence suspensions, contact the DVDL at 945-8344.

“Registration and plates cannot be suspended indefinitely. suspensions are temporary, being designed to last from three months up to the expiration date of the current licence coupon.”