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Tint within the Act

Published 12th February 2009, 2:55 pm

The Department of Vehicle and Drivers' Licensing (DVDL) reminds vehicle owners that the legal limit for window tint is 35 per cent light transmission.

"Very dark tint is a safety hazard," DVDL Deputy Director Richard Simms explained. "If the tint is too dark, a driver may have difficulty seeing a cyclist or pedestrian."

The reminder comes after many vehicles have been observed with very dark, black, or reflective tint.

Although DVDL inspectors compel vehicle owners to remove excessively dark tint during annual inspections, some persons illegally replace it once the vehicle has been passed.

Persons caught with tint that lets in less than 35 per cent light can be fined $500 and imprisoned for six months, according to the Traffic Act (2003) part 8, clause 115.