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Please remove both your damaged plates, the windshield coupon and bring them to a DVDL office to be replaced. The cost to replace a set of plates is CI $75.00 and $10.00 for a replacement coupon.

New registration plates are issued at the time an application for the registration is made and the fees are paid.

Please click this link to see if your new plates are ready for collection from our Crewe Road office.

Plates Checker: https://www.dvdl.gov.ky/portal/page/portal/vlthome?plate_number=&Submit=Submit 

The Traffic Act and Regulations requires that registration plates be installed on both the front and rear of vehicles.  There is an exception for motorcycles and trailers where only one plate is to be installed at the rear of the vehicle. 

*No plates are required for bicycles (pedal cycles), these are exempt from the  Act. However, if you have a motorized pedal cycle capable of exceeding 15mph or a power unit in excess of 250 watts, these must be registered and licensed as mopeds.

A registration plate is the term used under the Traffic Act for the unique number plates issued by the government and installed on each registered vehicle (front and rear) so that they can be uniquely identified as a registered vehicle. A registration plates is also referred to locally as a “licence plate.” It is an offence to install different registration plates on your vehicle other than the government issued set.

If you are a driver with a disability that impacts your mobility or any other bodily functions, or if you regularly transport someone with a disability, you can apply for Disability Registration Plates for your vehicle or a Disability Tag. When making an application for a Disable Person Tag and/or Disabled Person Licence Plate; the Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing will consider a disability assessment by a licensed physician in the Cayman Islands as part of your application.

Disability Registration Plates  are registered to a particular vehicle which is driven by or regularly used to transport an individual with a disability.  An owner is allowed to register only one vehicle in this manner and is exempt from annual licensing fees but is still subject to registration plate fee and inspection fees.

A Disability Tag is linked to an individual with a disability and can be affixed to any vehicle when he or she is driving or being transported.

At this time, you cannot renew the licence for a vehicle with a Disability Registration Plate online. This will have to be done in person at any of the DVDL offices.

Please click the link below or call the Call Center to enquire if your new plates are ready for collection from our Crewe Road office.

Plates Checker:  https://www.dvdl.gov.ky/portal/page/portal/vlthome?plate_number=&Submit=Submit

As a driver with a disability, you can apply for disabled registration plates for your vehicle

Each set of personalized registration plates will cost CI$300.00 Please see our Personalised Registration plates section for more details