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Please check the receipt in your registration paperwork, the licence expiry date has the title "LICENCE EXPIRY" next to it.

You should have also received  SMS (text message) reminders from DVDL notifying you of your licence expiry date. If you have not received any SMS reminders chances are that an incorrect mobile telephone number is recorded on our system for you. Please contact the Call Center to have your information checked and changed if necessary.

Yes, this is now a standard service for all applications that are completed online.

The process of transitioning out the older style plates (yellow, orange, Quincentennial) is still ongoing and these vehicles will need a physical coupon.

The only document that you will need to upload if using the “Guest User” portal is a copy of your insurance policy/certificate/cover-note. If using the “Registered User” portal you simply need to change your vehicle’s insurance coverage dates when they are presented to you on the Renewal Form.

*If for whatever reason you have a new policy and the old policy has not expired, then use the old policy number, issue and expiry dates.

Online Portal:


If you cannot gain access to the Guest User portal there are two main rules for the portal that may be preventing you access:

  • You must have at least 3 clear months or 90 days left on your inspection (Certificate of Roadworthiness); or
  • The portal will only allow you to renew your vehicle licence for a maximum of 1 month prior to expiry.

For the Registered User portal, please ensure that you have first registered your account using your driver's licence, date of first issue and your desired email address. Once this is done you should be able to access the portal.

Other items that cause issues

  • Terminated and suspended vehicle licences are not eligible for renewal.
  • Internet Explorer is not the preferred browser for this application. Please ensure that you use Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox for optimal user experience. You will also need to enable pop-ups to complete the payment transaction.
  • If a manual Inspection Form has been issued, you will have to attend a DVDL office for an in-person transaction.

A vehicle licence can be renewed for any combination of periods that will fit within the Certificate of Roadworthiness period granted. 

However, the license cannot exceed:

  • 5 years, for a new vehicle being registered for the first time in the Islands that has not been registered anywhere before.
  • 3 years, for a vehicle that is less than ten year’s old, if the vehicle was registered before.
  • 1 year, for a vehicle that is more than ten years old, whether or not the vehicle was registered before.

 3-months and  6-months vehicle license renewals are also available for all vehicles.

  • Companies seeking to renew their vehicle’s licence should use the Guest User portal.
  • Unfortunately, online accounts on the registered user portal are connected to the issuance of a driver’s license and therefore companies cannot have this kind of access.