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While it is necessary for the bank to forward a notification of lien removal, you may have to request that the notification be done. See Export/Termination of Vehicle section for more information.

You need authorization from the registered owner. See our Export/Termination of Vehicle section for more information.

Yes. Go to any of our offices, complete the appropriate form and submit payment of $50. See the Change Category section for more details.

You can licence your vehicle for 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 months. See our Vehicle Registration & Licensing section for more details.

You need to visit one of our offices, with photo ID, to schedule the written exam.

You need to obtain a provisional licence for the new vehicle type.and complete a practical test. See our Heavy Equipment /Special Vehicle section for more details.

Immediately notify the police, once you have done so you may then visit the DVDL to have your licence replaced. Remember to bring a copy of you police report.

Citizens aged over 70 have to disclose details of any disability, and may be required to produce a medical certificate when renewing their licence. Please see our Senior Citizen section for more details.

You must first pass the written exam to obtain your provisional licence. This entitles you to drive your motorcycle with learner plate. You must schedule a practical test to demonstrate your control of the motorcycle to obtain your full motorcycle licence.

A full licence allows you to operate a motor vehicle, without supervision, within the limit of the relvant laws for that vehicle category. See our Provisional Licence and Full Licence sections for more information.

Come to one of our offices, complete the appropriate form. There is a $20 dollar fee to cover the cost of a new licence. See our Change of Address / Name section form  more details.

Yes, any change in the colour, engine size or ownership, the DVDL must be made aware. See our sections on Transferring Ownership or Changing Vehicle Particulars for more details

For details of our offices as well as our telephone and e-mail details visit our Contact Us section