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Cars, trucks (not exceeding 4000 lbs maximum gross weight), omnibuses (not exceeding 15 seats), and trailers not exceeding 2000 lbs maximum gross weight —



For 14 months$35$40
For 26 months$70$80
For 38 months$105$120
For 62 months$175$200
Trucks (exceeding 33,000 lbs and not exceeding 60,000 lbs maximum gross weight), omnibuses (41 to 72 seats), trailers and special vehicles (exceeding 10,000 lbs maximum gross weight) —
For 14 months 50
For 26 months100
For 38 months 150
For 62 months                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           250
Motorcycles, mopeds and scooters —
For 14 months 30
For 26 months60
For 38 months 90
For 62 months 150
Exhibition vehicles —
For 14 months 30
For 26 months60
For 38 months90
Duplicate certificate of registration30
Change of category or particulars25
Duplicate certificate of roadworthiness25
Transfer of ownership25
International permit60
Transfer from overseas driver’s licence to driver’s licence of the Islands50
Learner’s licence (for 6 months)60
Full driver’s licence not exceeding Group 0-3 (for 3 years)75
Full driver’s licence not exceeding Group 0-3 (for 5 years)125
Full driver’s licence not exceeding Group 0-3 (for 10 years)250
Full driver’s licence, Group 4 (for 3 years)120
Full driver’s licence, Group 4 (for 5 years)200
Full driver’s licence, Group 4 (for 10 years)400
Upgrade driver’s licence to a group 4(for the unexpired period of the licence)50 
Duplicate driver’s licence40
Driving test (road)50

Taxi permit (per year)

Public transport permit (per year)

Duplicate public transport permit (per year)50
Written test (driver’s licence)25
Duplicate vehicle licence (coupon)10
Special electric vehicle permit50
Public Transport Driver’s Booklet10
Reference letter75
Bank lien (to add or remove)25
Emergency call-out service50
Insurance report for vehicle100
Insurance report for property100
Copy of register entry (per vehicle)100
Copy of driver’s licence entry (each licence)100
Registration plates: souvenir plates16
Plates (per set)75
Personalized plates (motor cars and trucks not exceeding 10,000 lbs)400
Personalized plates (motorcycles, mopeds and scooters)200
Quincentennial plates (Replacement per plate)30 
Exhibition plates (motor cars and trucks)100
Exhibition plates (motorcycles, mopeds and scooters)50
Trade plates, one pair (per annum)1408
Transfer of personalized and quincentennial plates30
Replacement of personalized and quincentennial plates30
Replacement of exhibition plates (motor cars and trucks)50
Replacement of exhibition plates (motorcycles, mopeds) and scooters)25
Replacement of registration plates for invalid carriagesFree
Processing fee (termination and suspension of vehicle)Free
Processing fee (transfer of vehicle)25
Application fee for importation of heavy equipment as defined in the Customs (Temporary Provisions) Regulations, 2005100
Annual Statistics Report120
Quarterly Statistics Report30

Presently some transactions such as the renewal for a disability vehicle cannot be done online as it carries a fee of $ 0 (zero dollars). This is a transaction that will have to be completed by visiting one of the offices or contact the Call Center.

  • If you were successfully able to fill out the application Form but an error occurred after you tried to pay by Credit / Debit Card, please ensure that banking details are being entered correctly. Alternatively, please contact your bank to understand if the transaction is being withheld or the card is temporarily blocked. If it is confirmed that there was a debit from your account for your transaction with the department, please provide a copy of your bank statement that the issue can be investigated.

Fees are processed in Cayman Islands dollars (KYD).   Credit Cards and US cheques are processed at $.82 and US cash $.80.

  • Back fees are simply the licence fees owed between the end of the last license’s expiry date and the renewal date of the new application. To avoid back fees, please renew your licence early.
  • If you are not planning on using a vehicle for a while, please consider suspending or terminating the current vehicle’s licence. (link T.R.7) The purpose of suspension or termination is to stop the licence fees accruing.

These payments have to be paid in person at any of DVDL office locations and the payment schedule from Public Transport MUST be produced.

Taxi permit (per year)

Public Operator  Permit (per year)50
Public Transportation Permit (per year)50
Public Transport Test (per test)25

Please remove both your damaged plates, the windshield coupon and bring them to a DVDL office to be replaced. The cost to replace a set of plates is CI $75.00 and $10.00 for a replacement coupon.

New registration plates are issued at the time an application for the registration is made and the fees are paid.

Please click this link to see if your new plates are ready for collection from our Crewe Road office.

Plates Checker: https://www.dvdl.gov.ky/portal/page/portal/vlthome?plate_number=&Submit=Submit 

The Traffic Act and Regulations requires that registration plates be installed on both the front and rear of vehicles.  There is an exception for motorcycles and trailers where only one plate is to be installed at the rear of the vehicle. 

*No plates are required for bicycles (pedal cycles), these are exempt from the  Act. However, if you have a motorized pedal cycle capable of exceeding 15mph or a power unit in excess of 250 watts, these must be registered and licensed as mopeds.

A registration plate is the term used under the Traffic Act for the unique number plates issued by the government and installed on each registered vehicle (front and rear) so that they can be uniquely identified as a registered vehicle. A registration plates is also referred to locally as a “licence plate.” It is an offence to install different registration plates on your vehicle other than the government issued set.

Applications for Suspension  or Termination are currently not available online and must be submitted  at any of the office locations.  

To suspend a vehicle you are required to produce the registration paper (Log Book) and a completed (T.R. 7) application with all outstanding registration fees having to be paid.

Termination of vehicles are only done when a vehicle is being exported or is being dumped. To terminate a vehicle you are required to produce the registration paper (Log Book), registration plates, coupon and a completed (T.R. 7) application with all outstanding registration fees having to be paid.

There is no application fee to suspend or terminate a vehicle.

More information can be found at: 


If you are transferring ownership of your vehicle or have altered your vehicle, the owner MUST inform the Director within 14 days of such a change.

For transfers, please:

  • Complete the prescribed Form (T.R. 6) (link T.R. 6),
  • Submit to the Director the signed certificate of registration (log book- under section C) or a Transfer of Ownership Form. Signatures must be done in the presence of a Notary Public, Justice of the Peace or a DVDL staff member.
  • Ensure all outstanding licensing fees, if any, are paid. DVDL will not execute the transfer until all such fees are settled.
  • Ensure that there is no bank lien registered against the vehicle. If the vehicle was financed by a bank or a lending institution, a lien would have been registered with the DVDL. To proceed with the transfer of ownership, you must first obtain a “Notice of Lien Removal” from the lender. Removing a lien will incur an additional fee of CI$25 and this document must be submitted with the transfer request. The cost of a transfer of a vehicle is $25.00.
  • All vehicles must be insured and pass an inspection prior to being registered and licensed.
  • All vehicles must be insured and pass an inspection prior to being registered and licensed.
  • All vehicles must be insured and pass an inspection prior to being registered and licensed.

You presently cannot renew a provisional / learner’s licence online because this service is only assigned to a full driver’s licence.

You can renew your driver’s licence on both the “Registered” and ”Guest User” portals. This can be done by registering for “My DVDL e-services” with the following:

  • Your driver’s licence number
  • The date of first issue (which is printed on the back of the licence)
  • Your desired email address