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If you are a driver with a disability that impacts your mobility or any other bodily functions, or if you regularly transport someone with a disability, you can apply for Disability Registration Plates for your vehicle or a Disability Tag. When making an application for a Disable Person Tag and/or Disabled Person Licence Plate; the Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing will consider a disability assessment by a licensed physician in the Cayman Islands as part of your application. (Link Form)

Disability Registration Plates  are registered to a particular vehicle which is driven by or regularly used to transport an individual with a disability.  An owner is allowed to register only one vehicle in this manner and is exempt from annual licensing fees but is still subject to registration plate fee and inspection fees.

A Disability Tag is linked to an individual with a disability and can be affixed to any vehicle when he or she is driving or being transported.

At this time, you cannot renew the licence for a vehicle with a Disability Registration Plate online. This will have to be done in person at any of the DVDL offices.

Please check the receipt in your registration paperwork, the licence expiry date has the title "LICENCE EXPIRY" next to it.

You should have also received  SMS (text message) reminders from DVDL notifying you of your licence expiry date. If you have not received any SMS reminders chances are that an incorrect mobile telephone number is recorded on our system for you. Please contact the Call Center to have your information checked and changed if necessary.

The vehicle must be insured at the time that the renewal licence application is submitted. However,  it is not necessary for the insurance coverage submitted to cover the entire time period of the licence. It is permitted for insurance policies to have different expiry dates than those of the vehicle licence but any vehicle being driven within the Cayman Islands must have insurance coverage under the Traffic Act  and the Motor Vehicle (Third Party Risks) Insurance Act.

  • You must have a valid insurance policy to operate your vehicle legally on the road.

If you have the new plate type (EVR) (white background), a coupon is not required, your old coupon should be removed from your windscreen. For vehicles that have the old plate type (yellow, orange, Quincentennial) a new coupon will be mailed to you with your vehicle’s licence paperwork.

Please click this link to find out if your new plates are ready for collection or contact the Call Center.

All vehicles require a coupon. Vehicles with the new white plates (EVR) coupon does not change each time the registration is renewed, only the old plates (yellow or orange.) The new EVR coupon has a minimum life of five years, so there is no need to change the coupon for each renewal.

Yes, this is now a standard service for all applications that are completed online.

The process of transitioning out the older style plates (yellow, orange, Quincentennial) is still ongoing and these vehicles will need a physical coupon.

If you have requested your vehicle’s paperwork to be mailed and haven’t received your documents within 15 days of your application, please contact the DVDL at:

Tel: (345) 945-8344

Email: dvdl.helpdesk@gov.ky

DVDL Teams (LiveChat): Request to speak to an Agent

  • All applications completed online receipts will be emailed to the address on file, otherwise you will have to request for it to be mailed.
  • The department is taking a paperless approach to its online services and all completed application receipts will be emailed to the address on file. If a vehicle still has the old plates (yellow or orange) a coupon will be printed and mailed if requested.

All renewed vehicle licence paperwork are being emailed to the email address on file for the registered owner. Under standard operation there are two reasons why documents cannot be mailed:

  • If the postal address of the registered owner has changed from what is printed on their driver's licence we cannot mail the documents to you. The registered owner must come to the main location at Crewe Road to collect the documents and update their address.
  • If your new white plates (EVR) are ready for collection, we request that you collect the documents and your new plates at the same time.

Remember to request your ESID the next time you visit any of our office locations so that you can become a register user.

  • Renewal documentation will be emailed to you. Keep your receipt! You will receive an email confirming that the renewal has been completed and include an electronic issuance of the vehicle licence.

Under standard conditions the owner or applicant can collect the vehicle licence documents. Any third party can also collect the documents on the owner’s behalf. Please ensure that you bring a copy of the payment receipt with you when collecting the documents from DVDL.

Please click the link below or call the Call Center to enquire if your new plates are ready for collection from our Crewe Road office.

Plates Checker:  https://www.dvdl.gov.ky/portal/page/portal/vlthome?plate_number=&Submit=Submit

You can drive your vehicle as soon as you have submitted your vehicle licence renewal application. However; you must print the payment receipt which has been sent to you by email after submission and store it in your vehicle until your licence document arrives in the post, if a paper coupon is needed. If stopped and questioned by the police this document serves as proof that your application has been submitted and is being processed. If your renewal application is refused, your vehicle is not permitted to be driven until a valid licence is granted.  

If your application is denied you will be contacted by DVDL, in such a case.

The expected turnaround time it will take to process your application is approximately 72 hours (3 days). Your  documents will be emailed to the address on file.

ALL online application documents can be collected from the Customer Service Desk at the Crewe Road location, this is only necessary if you are collecting a paper coupon or driver’s licence.

An email will be sent to the email addresses provided. The email will contain the payment receipt as an attachment and any further actions will be detailed in the body of the email. Some of our standard email responses for online applications contain instructions to pick up documents from DVDL.  

All vehicle licence renewal documents are  mailed to the owner’s mailing address on our files, only if requested. If you have renewed your licence but your postal address printed on your driver’s licence is different to your present address, please contact DVDL immediately.

Once your application is submitted, please print the online transaction receipt for your records & keep it in your vehicle until your licence documents are received.

If your insurance company sent you your certificate as an attachment in an email you can upload the pdf document. If you did not receive your insurance document via email you can scan it or simply take a photo of the document. We only need the page containing the name of insurance company, the policy or certificate number, the issue date and expiration date, and the registration plate number of the vehicle.

Insurance companies have different layouts on their documents; you usually can find your policy / certificate/cover note number at the top right-hand section of your insurance document. We only need the page containing the name of insurance company, the policy /certificate/cover note number, the issue date and expiration date, and the registration plate number of the vehicle.

The only document that you will need to upload if using the “Guest User” portal is a copy of your insurance policy/certificate/cover-note. If using the “Registered User” portal you simply need to change your vehicle’s insurance coverage dates when they are presented to you on the Renewal Form.

*If for whatever reason you have a new policy and the old policy has not expired, then use the old policy number, issue and expiry dates.